Serman & Tipsmark supplies hydraulic equipment for hydroelectric power, wind power and for biofuel power plants.

We act as sub-contractor for various machinery manufacturers who supply complete machinery solutions across a broad spectrum of the energy market. Consequently, we have acquired a specialist knowledge which ensures that our equipment meets the requirements imposed on such equipment today.

Often, equipment is crucial to heating supplies and is often placed in locations in which it is expensive and difficult to service. Key words such as user-friendliness, reliability and long lifespans therefore play a massive role and, in this regard, you can expect equipment delivered from us to be top quality.

Below are some examples of the industries to which we supply:

  • Wind power: We mainly supply hydraulics in connection with the production, transportation and setting up of wind turbines.
  • Hydroelectric power: We supply hydraulics for the adjusting the flow of water volumes to turbines.
  • Biofuel: We supply hydraulics for the process management of wood chip and straw processing feeding systems.
  • Solar panel systems: Modern solar panel systems are controlled automatically against the sun - here we help produce the equipment that makes this hydro mechanical movement.
  • Wave energy: Using hydrodynamics, waves can be converted into energy and Serman & Tipsmark helps develop these systems.


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