Lubricating systems

Over a period of many years, Serman & Tipsmark has supplied lubricating systems for several power plant installations all over the world.

The systems are used in extremely large ventilators where they are used as a combination of lubricating stations, pitch adjustments and for the jacking-up of ventilator fan axles. Often, these ventilators are the only coolers in and are therefore subject to the most stringent requirements with regards to lubrication and precision in order to ensure that these fans operate properly. Therefore, the lubricating stations play a pivotal role in ensuring that the power plant is able to operate optimally.

During development of these systems, our main areas of focus have been:

  • Minimised energy consumption
  • Advanced flow control to ensure continuous optimal lubrication
  • Correct tagging of all incorporated components for the purposes of service and maintenance in the future - see special customer requirements.

We also supply lubricating systems for other and smaller projects in which lubrication is of crucial importance.

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