Pump stations/HPUs

Serman & Tipsmark stock a standard programme of power packs and components that are ideally suited to mobile solutions and applications. In addition, if required, we can produce power packs and block solutions in accordance with specific customer requests and requirements. The systems can be supplied with steel or plastic tanks and in AC and DC versions.

We can offer the production of hoses and, at the same time, we stock a wide selection of pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, standard blocks and filters. This means that we are able to offer modular kit deliveries directly into the customer's production units. 

Serman & Tipsmark mobile solutions encompass:

  • AC/DC power packs
  • A wide range of valves, pumps and filters
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Kit deliveries
  • Hose sets
  • Rapid delivery/ 1-day delivery

We have our own production site and can therefore be involved in all parts of the value chain - encompassing welding, installation, painting etc. This ensures a rapid, flexible delivery.

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