Delivery to Dwellop

Successful partnership

Serman & Tipsmark has delivered two HPUs to Dwellop, an engineering company whose core activity is the design and construction of mechanical equipment for the offshore sector. The contract involved two 30 kW HPUs, that are located in ATEX, Zone 1. The equipment is used to shift the Well Intervention Tower and to raise and lower the winch.

The two units will be located in the North Sea - in the Syd Arne oil field off the coast of Esbjerg, Denmark.


The two HPUs comply with the following Norsok standards:

  • Frame complies with Norsok R-002
  • Instruments comply with Norsok l-001 and E-001
  • Surface coating complies with Norsok M-501 system 1
  • Noise and vibrations comply with Norsok S-002
  • Mechanical completion and commissioning comply with Norsok Z-007

The equipment is used to shift the Well Intervention Tower and to raise and lower the winch. Serman & Tipsmark were responsible for the design, construction, production, testing and delivery of the two HPUs, so that they were ready for operation in accordance with the desired specifications and designs from Dwellop.

Dwellop stipulated from the outset that a short delivery time and the price were two crucial parameters for them with regard to the process. We have been able to fulfill these parameters and for that reason the collaboration has gone smoothly. The combination of this and our ability to deliver on the numerous customer requirements and technical specifications has resulted in a successful collaboration in which both partners have been happy and all agreements have been honoured.


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