Achilles JQS certification

Achilles JQS certification

The Danish hydraulics company Serman & Tipsmark has for several years supplied special solutions to the offshore industry in Norway, and the Achilles JQS certification is a natural extension of a number of successful deliveries.

The customer list already includes some of the largest manufacturers of offshore equipment in the world – among others. FMC Technologies and Aker Solutions. We have gained a solid foothold in the demanding Norwegian oil and gas sector and the special Achilles JQS certification opens up a whole world of new opportunities:

The Norwegian offshore market is one of the most demanding industries in the world. The requirements for e.g. safety and documentation are extreme, and therefore it can be very difficult to get a foot inside. However, we have already proven that we can deliver some unique products and competencies in hydraulics that the Norwegians demand. Being part of the exclusive company of suppliers who are Achilles JQS-approved makes it much easier to demonstrate that we are qualified to bid on tasks and that we meet all common requirements.

Achilles JQS stands for Achilles Joint Qualification System and is an association of players in the Danish and Norwegian offshore industry, founded in 1991. The purpose is to qualify suppliers and optimize procurement within the sector, and Achilles JQS is also used by all the largest in the industry, among others. DONG Energy, Maersk Oil, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and others.

One of Serman & Tipsmark's specialties is the development of a test system for testing hydraulic modules for opening and closing oil wells up to 3,000 meters deep. Another – and more frequent – task is the delivery of hydraulic systems for the drilling rigs' drilling towers. Here, the system will assemble, press and screw the drill pipes into the underground. The common denominator is security and certainty that defects can be rectified, and spare parts obtained within a very short time, so that any interruption is as short as possible.

- We have received several special and demanding orders, which we have solved to the great satisfaction of the customers. Safety comes before everything else, and this means, among other things, that documentation can take up to half of a task, while the other half goes to the actual execution of the project. It is simply necessary on this type of task, but we have shown that we can handle it, and it is of course one of the reasons why we have achieved the Achilles JQS membership.  

Achilles JQS (Joint Qualification System) is a register of suppliers and a prequalification system used by purchasers in the Danish and Norwegian oil and gas sectors. Achilles Oil and Gas Europe, Supply Chain Community | Achilles
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