Serman & Tipsmark develops and delivers advanced robotic test system

Serman & Tipsmark develops and delivers advanced robotic test system

At Serman & Tipsmark, we are sometimes given larger projects – as when we recently developed and delivered a large, complex robotic test system.

Fully automatic module tester
The test system is a fully automatic module tester for a larger Danish customer, used for fully automatic testing of the customer’s ready-assembled module units – without any form of manual handling. The test system can handle 50 module variants. Specifically, it tests for pressure loss for flow with up to 15 L/min and for leakage down to 5 ml/min.

The testing time is considerably shortened because the robot does the job and feeds the system. The robot also makes the test more specific because the same motions are repeated. On a screen, the customer can follow the process of the test and make sure that everything is OK. In that way, you can keep track to see if the module is approved or has any errors. In case the system finds errors on a module, it is placed on a special conveyor belt. In the back of the test system, there is easy access to valves, meters, pumps and filters. All of the test system’s electrical installations are combined in one special cabinet as seen in the video below.

Large experience leads to larger jobs
It is far from the first time we, at Serman & Tipsmark, have developed and delivered a test system om the caliber. We have long tradition of advanced systems and have the right competencies to build them. That is also one of the reasons why the customer chose us for the job.
Watch the video below and get a thorough review of what the test system can do and how it works. 

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