Hydraulic manifolds

Serman & Tipsmark is specialised in the field of construction and machining of hydraulic manifolds. Our own production site ensures that we have extensive experience and knowledge which our engineers make great use of when designing the manifolds. Our manifold production is geared for small and large production runs, and we produce in aluminium, steel castings, and stainless steel.

With our manifold solutio,n you get a compact and user-friendly hydraulic system solution that keeps tubing and fittings to a minimum and consequently reduces the risk of leakages substantially.

We use Hydroman software to design the manifolds in 3D, which in turn ensures that you get the best solution possible.


The advantages of Hydroman software:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Generates 3D drawings and codes
  • Warns against any faulty constructions
  • Smart functions, enabling the error-free design of hydraulic blocks
  • With a single click, Hydroman will generate corresponding drilling lists, production and assembly drawings, parts lists and check lists.

Download our brochure to learn more about our manifold systems. 


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